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Foundation for a New Era.

Internet Explorer 9 leverages tomorrow's Web technologies — including HTML 5, CSS level 3 and SVG — while closely following today's standards. IE9 supports the Canvas element for scriptable interactive graphic rendering, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and new audio and video tags for simplified control of rich content. The result is a transformed browser experience that sets the benchmark for the future.


Blazing Response Reveals New Horizons.

Internet Explorer 9 accelerates graphics processing with its new JavaScript engine, “Chakra,” and GPU-powered browsing. Awesome rendering speed makes this Microsoft's fastest browser experience yet. Conventional pages load quicker, and rich, game-like content repays the effort you put into creating it. In other words, the user experience can live up to the developer’s full expectations, without compromise.


Prettier Pages, Cleaner Code.

With Internet Explorer 9, Web development becomes an act of beauty, taking sites to new pinnacles of immersive, interactive richness. Close compliance with Web standards and speedy graphics make a breathtaking difference in response. You can produce clean, standards-compliant code with minimized browser-dependencies. At last, there's a browser that faithfully delivers the total experience you envisioned.

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